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Note: Some facilities use a different vendor for their video visitation service. Please verify with the correctional facility that Smart Communications is the video visitation provider before following the scheduling instructions provided here.

How do I schedule a visit with an inmate, prisoner, or detainee?

Please see the How Video Visitation Works page for detailed instructions on how to set up an account and schedule a video visit.

I am trying to schedule a local on-site visit, but the "remote" option is the only one available. Why?

Some facilities utilize our video visitation service for remote visits from home, but have a different video visitation system for local on-site visits at the facility. If this website only gives an option for remote visits from home, you will need to contact the correctional facility to determine what their process is to schedule a local on-site visit at the facility.

Is there a fee for using video visitation?

At locations where a visitation kiosk is provided in the lobby or visitation center on-site at the correctional facility there is no fee to schedule and conduct visitation using those kiosks. A fee is only charged when conducting a remote visit from home using your own home computer or laptop. Fees for remote visits from home vary per location and are billed in 15 or 30 minute increments.

I scheduled a 15 minute visit but it started late and I only got to visit for 10 minutes. Why?

The scheduling system enforces the scheduled end time for all visits. If your visit is scheduled to begin at 1:00pm and end at 1:15pm, but the visit does not start until 1:05pm, the system will still enforce the end time of 1:15 resulting in a 10 minute visit even though 15 minutes were scheduled. Allowing visits to run past their end time could cause other visits to start/end late, so we enforce the end time regardless of when the visit actually begins. For remote visits from home, the entire scheduled time block is billed for regardless of the actual amount of time used. We also allow visits to start up to ten minutes early if both parties are present and ready to visit (the time limit is still enforced, however). Please arrive about ten minutes prior to your scheduled start time to ensure you are able to use your entire scheduled time period.

The inmate, prisoner, or detainee was late to start the visit. Can we get our missed time back?

It is the inmate, prisoner, or detainee's responsibility to be at the kiosk for their scheduled start time. A notice is visible on the kiosk as to when the next visit is scheduled to begin. If the visit starts late for any reason, SmartInmate is not liable for visits cut short due to either party not being present at the scheduled start time.

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