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Note: The option to send photos to inmates may not be available at all correctional facilities.

Can we send photos to inmates / prisoners / detainees?

Some correctional facilities allow their inmates, prisoners, or detainees to receive photos through SmartInmate. To send a photo, log in to your account and select the "Photos" option from the menu. From here you can select the inmate, prisoner or detainee to send the photo and select an image file from your computer (or camera roll on most mobile devices). Most standard image formats such as GIF and JPG are accepted. Photos cost two message credits to send ($1.00). All photos are subject to review by the receiving correctional facility and may be rejected at their sole discretion. If a photo is rejected by the correctional facility the message credits will be refunded to your account.

Why was my photo rejected?

All photos are subject to review by the staff at the receiving correctional facility. Each facility has its own rules and standards as to what is and is not acceptable in photos. Photos can be rejected at their sole discretion for any reason. Some common reasons that photos may be rejected include nudity, sexually suggestive content, underwear modeling, low-cut tops, visible alcohol or drug paraphenalia, visible weapons (knives, guns, etc.), attempting to hide nudity in a collage of photos, drug use, memes, scanned documents or photos of documents, mugshots of other inmates/prisoners/detainees, hand gestures (including peace signs at some locations), no contact orders, and many other criteria depending on the receiving location. This list is not exhaustive and your photo may have been rejected for a reason not listed here. Decisions made by the facility staff are final and we cannot override their decisions nor force any photo to be delivered.

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